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Humanscale: portable sit/stand solution

30TH MARCH 2018

Have you ever had that feeling of back pain after working on a sit position for hours ? I've been sent this solution from Humanscale called QuickStand Eco that allows you to quickly switch your workspace between sit and stand position.

Philips Sonicare


I got the chance to receive a smart toothbrush from Philips and I must say I’m surprised by all the extra features you get compared to a normal toothbrush.

Portrait of Julian Ohayon


This blog post goes over the journey of Julian Ohayon, a 26-years old entrepreneur based in Brussels, designer and founder of Anckor.

Best speakers under 200€?

19th February 2017

If you're looking to get speakers at a reasonable price, there's a lot of options but few of them offer a good sound. We tried the Onyx Studio 3 at Anckor and here's our thoughts.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar


The new MacBook Pro has been released last month and it brings some subtle new features such as a new design and better performances. One of the new key feature is the brand new Touch Bar that allows you for instance to use shortcuts within apps or use the Touch Id to pay online. Since it's optional, do you really need it?

iPhone 7 Plus

23th OCTOBER 2016

The new iPhone 7 has been released last month and it brings his lot of new features such a better camera, water resistance and a new design. Here's my top 5 features of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Black or Jet Black?


I've been playing around with the matte black for over a month and today I just received the Jet Black. So which one will you get? Check the video before deciding!

Design with Vectr


Video about how to use Vectr, the easiest graphic design tool on the market.