Design with Vectr


Vectr is the easiest graphic editor tool on the market, it allows you to design any type of user interfaces with some drag & drop actions. Check the video below to see how it's working.

I. Setup the workspace

Vectr allows you to choose in which device you want to work. Wheter you want to design a website or an ios app for iPhone 7 Plus, Vectr will instantly update the size so you don't have to worry about it.

II. Drag & Drop

Once you've defined your workspace, just gather all your photos in a folder and drag them into Vectr. You can resize, crop and apply overlays to your photos and icons. One of the good thing about Vectr is that it allows you to use vector graphics in your design.

III. Shapes

You can play with various shapes in order to create your sections, blocs and call-to-actions. Vectr has only been released a couple of months ago and they're constantly updating their app, feel free to send them your feedbacks because they are very responsive.

IV. Conclusion

If you want to design your own website or app and don't have time to learn a professional graphic editor tool like Sketch or Abode XD, Vectr is for you. It's a dead simple graphic editor developed by a cool team based in San Francisco, they have a lot of updates scheduled so expect the app to evolve very quickly.

Download the Photoshop template (including photos): Click here

Julian O'hayon
Founder of Anckor